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Alion (Diego D’Amato) and Raveheart (Vincenzo Scotti) are two well know artists in the italian psytrance scene when they in summer 2014 joined the force in the Avengers project.

Alion was already making productions, remixes and collaborations with artists as X-Noize, Osher, Unseen Dimensions, Fatali, DNA, Infinity, Audiomatic, Soul Surfer, Indra releasing with some of the best labels worldwide as Hommega Productions, Iono Music, Digital Nature Rec., Fatali Music, YSE Rec., Mutagen Rec., DNA Rec., while Raveheart was growing up as one of the best italian dj and promoter hosting events with his own Evil Corp Team.

Avengers music is the result of their experiences, feelings and skills they gained playing all around Europe in events and festivals such as the Spirit Base Festival, Dance Experience, Moongate, Evolution Festival, Blackmoon Festival, Plur Festival, Ayata Festival, Shamballa Festival, Sonica festival just to name a few.

They put full of original and new ideas in every work and after some releases in Artrance Rec. and Dropzone Rec. Avengers landed officially in the well know XM7 rec. owned form psytrance legends X-Noize and Major7.

AVENGERS live act is already rocking dancefloors in France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey and UK while they are strongly working in studio with passion and effort to offer new powerfull releases and performances soon.