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Dual Vision is a project born in 2012 from the union of Michele Pedrotti aka Fourdetails and Matteo Paternoster aka DJ Ego.

Fourdetails gets himself connected to the music since he was young studying various musical instruments, but he realizes music is his passion in the year 2000 working until 2009 with the biggest names of hiphop italian scene. After that he attended SAE institute in Milano.

In the years he partecipated in various projects such as “Ares Adami – Nome e Cognome” released for PS label, “Avatar – Old on New” -” Refined Fabrics – Out of mind” – “Altro pianeta – Più passione ” e many others.

After that he found the psytrance italian scene with a live act called Microdetails with Andrea Bonetti, power fullon project with very nightly and acid sounds.. from this he falls in love with psytrance scene and starts collaborating with many producers and djs.

Ego starts as a DJ in the psytrance scene in 2003 organizing and playing in many events trying to rise his skills and his name.

He attended numerous events like ROENESSAINCE, Spirit of Gaia and also in various clubs all over italy.

He played with artists like Materia, Freakulizer, Peace Maker, Rinkadink, Shane Gobi, Compressor, Dejavoo, Neelix, Normalize, Ilai, Acid Prophecy, U-Recken to finally reach Fourdetails and togheter studying and researching a very modern sound taking influence from many aspects of electronic music.