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The slovenian DJane Gaby started her music journey quite in the early childhood years, when her musical mother confrontate her strongly by singing with her and giving her the first feelings for music.
With 16 years she had her first experience of djing,after a night dream in which she was playing infront of a great audience.The inspiration was big and the dream become reality.
She started to be involved in the first trance parties in Slovenia ,where she was based at that time.
Same time she became one of the first female electronic DJ in her country. The seed grow & regulary organizing of parties was on the plan.The wish of evolve this scene was big and brought her to the possibility to start her own Psytrance radio show on the local radiostation in Ljubljana(capital),where she could introduced for many years this music style & new informations about the scene around the globe.
Her intention grow more and more to share the passion&love she had to this music and to spread it to more & more people.
The Echo of her heartfull work was heard far away & the feedback of it grow & brought her to many parties to the neighbour countries as Austria,Croatia,Bosnia,Serbia,Macedonia,Italy.
Her sensitive feeling for music shaped her unique style which was always warm and positive .Whereever she appear ,seeds of touched hearts and joyful faces was left behind.
After some years ,the new base become Austria and the creation work continued.She started to organise regulary small family gatherings,called CHILLOSPHERIC ROOM in the middle of Vienna,which was loved for it warm atmosphere&new way of party meeting.
Many bookings took her all over the world.
She is loved and respected for her bright heartfull way of music expression which is unique & unforgetable.
In July 2007 she released her first compilation >>HEALING LIGHTS< She is wellknown for her morning sets from melodic psytrance to warm uplifting groovy progressive beats full of sunshine joy.But her love for music let her experiment as well with different music direction as Chillout/Downbeat/Ambient with which she is signed as well at the greek label COSMIC LEAF Records.
The endless creation & passion in her,let us know,that the potential in her is not exhausted yet and many future projects can be expected.
She loves to bring up new ideas of connecting people through music & art/party movements.Through her fresh creative mind ,heartfull way & strong consciousness ,she is able to let the people feel and inspire of the great possibilities we have through this gatherings & to create a more brightful world.
Lets see where her music journey will still lead her !
Get to her sets & feel by yourself where her music journey will lead YOU

KUPURI 2015 / MEXICO – Djane Gaby 🙂