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The Italy born, London based DJane Lulù, member of Mutagen Records, started DJ-ing around 2007, but was already an active member of the scene back in the nineties. Since her debut, she left her mark all around the continent and beyond thanks to her particular attention to sophisticated music selection.

In 2008, she moved to London and in the following years she perfected and started playing every weekend in London and the rest of Europe (Italy, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Denmark, UK, Mexico etc.) delighting the dance floor with both Psytrance and Progressive djset.
When you listen to her djset you can “suddenly realize, time is not linear, but past, present and future exists at the same time.
The now equals to eternity and our existence never ends” (SUN Festival Crew)

Since 2015 she has been interested in house music scene as well, with interesting djset until she finds her vocation for the Tribal Tech House.
On her profile you can find a wide choice of Djset, from chillout and lounge to house, techno and psytrance.