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Orisma, is an Greek Dj & Producer. He was born on November 1988 in Thessaloniki, where he still lives. He had a great passion for music from a very young age and when was just 12 he was interested by electronics rhythms. At the age of 15 he had his first experience as a Dj at small events and clubs.
Some years later, as a professional Dj, he starts to study “Music Technology” and to make his own sound.
After experimenting on other kind of music, he returns to his first love, Psy-Trance! In 2013 try to combine psy-trance rhythms and grooves with powerfull harmonic progressive melodies, as a result an EP called, “Sonnus – Invictus”.
A year later create a good friend a side project called, “Psyclists” and release 4 more tracks,powered by Infinity-Tunes records. But the “recipe” succeed in 2015, with the “birth” of project “ORISMA”. In 7th August of the same year, the track “Orisma – Lost Reality” it is the cause to launch a brilliant cooperation with the huge label “Yellow Sunshine Explosion Recordings”!
First “Orisma” E.P.(Digital Meditation EP) came on 29/04/16, the future will see countless listeners continue thrilled and spellbound by his works.