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Spec3 – Evolve EP

Spec3: Evolve Ep

To evolve is to gradually develop, from a simple to a more complex form. To grow, to become something new, something more, something better. We are here to Evolve.

Marco Perc´s music has been in constant sonic evolution. Years of meticulous research into the realms of auditive manipulation have helped him develop and ripen his style of PsyTrance. Technologically serious, addictively groovy, and highly elegant; Spec3 is a potent dose of cutting-edge Psychedelic music. This EP contains 2 solo tracks and a powerful remix to Japanese sonic-samurai Spectra Sonics. Evolve is an intricate amalgamation of authoritative basslines, deep atmospheres and sophisticated sound design that will resonate and make the dancefloor reverberate with Psychedelic energy.

Reeleased from Catalyst Rec. and coming soon at Beatport Exclusive and all other digital stores. Stay tuned!

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